Pecorino Baskets with Fig Extra Jam


For the mousse::

250 g whole milk
150 g cream
150 g pecorino cheese

For the baskets::

150 g pecorino cheese


Cook the pecorino cheese and whole milk in a bain-marie for about 15 minutes until you obtain a fondue. Add whipped cream to the fondue, stirring gently. Season with salt if necessary.

Heat a 10cm non-stick frying pan, and then scatter one quarter of the grated cheese over the base of the hot pan.
Cook the cheese over low heat until it starts to melt, turn up the heat slightly and, when the cheese is golden, use a palette knife to lift the wafer. Drape it over a cup or bowl and shape it into a cup form. Let the cheese cool; once the cheese is cool it will hold the shape of a pretty basket.
The basket is now ready to be filled with the mousse and topped with fig extra jam.