Parmigiana Mille-feuille


1 long aubergine
3 long, ripe but firm tomatoes
4 h very fresh mixed ricotta
1 bunch of basil
“Number One” extra-virgin olive oil
salt and pepper


Cut the aubergine and tomatoes into finger-thick slices having the same round shape, and then place them into the dryer until they are reduced to half their thickness. Also put some nice leaves of basil into the dryer until they are completely dry. As fruit and vegetables lose water, the intensity of their flavour increases.
Sieve the ricotta in a bowl, season with salt, pepper and a little extra-virgin olive oil, and then put it into a pastry bag.
Build a tower with the ingredients, alternating aubergine, tomato and ricotta, and finishing with ricotta on top.
Mix olive oil, salt, pepper and basil powder until creamy, and then pour it on the mille-feuille. As a final touch, garnish with a dry basil leaf that you had left aside.
Try this dish as an appetizer, a side dish or simply as a cold plate eaten on a tray in front of the TV to pamper yourself a bit while watching your favourite series (since it can be prepared ahead of time).