Courgette Flan


600 g courgettes +
8 very small courgettes
1 long white onion
1 small bunch of basil
1 tablespoon pine nuts
knob of butter
“Number One” Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil
salt and pepper


Finely chop 600g of courgettes and the onion, and then cook them until tender. Tear up part of the basil with your hands, add it to the courgettes and toss it with half the pine nuts.
Season with salt and pepper.
Finely slice the 8 small courgettes lengthwise, scald them in some lightly salted water and dry them well.
Arrange the slices, slightly overlapping, in single-portion moulds, and then fill the moulds with the previously prepared mixture. Place the filled moulds into the refrigerator for one hour. Mix the remaining basil and pine nuts with extra virgin olive oil until you obtain a fragrant and delicate smooth mixture to be poured on top of the flans at the time of serving.